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Top 10 Work-From-Home Careers Requiring No College Degrees

Not just stay-at-home moms are working from home these days. Many people are turning to their computers for new careers without the annoying commute, office drama, and stress that comes with working outside. Most online positions don't require a college degree so anyone can learn the skills required to start a profitable online career. Here are my top 10 work-from-home careers requiring no college degree. 
Customer Service/Chat Agent
Many companies are turning to the virtual world for customer service hiring needs. These positions are often found on jobs sites such as when searching for terms such as "remote" and "customer service". You can also just Google "remote customer service job" or check the telecommute section on Craigslist. Many customer service/chat agent position wages start range from $10 to $20 per hour. Any seeking a customer service/chat position online should have a quiet workspace, high-speed internet connection, desktop o…