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6 Reasons Why Being A College Dropout Doesn't Make You A Loser

Despite what society implies, being a dropout doesn’t make you a loser. Sometimes in life we come to the conclusion that the path we’re on isn’t right for us. If going to college doesn’t feel like a good fit for you and the lifestyle you desire, there is no reason to feel like a loser. There is nothing wrong with going to college and getting the necessary training for a career you want to pursue. Obviously, many careers require degrees. This article is for people who decided college is not a good fit, dropped out, and now feel the pressure from society, family, friends, and coworkers to go back and get their degree for the sake of having a degree.

Here are 6 reasons why being a college dropout doesn’t make you a loser:

Reason #1: Graduating from college doesn’t guarantee you’ll do anything with your degree or make anything out of your life. It just means you completed the required courses set forth by a board of people. It’s just like getting your High School diploma - a lot of people graduate from High School without accomplishing any more than their peers who dropped out. According to The Atlantic, 53% of recent college graduates are underemployed or jobless.

Reason #2: While a college degree may land you a higher paid JOB, it do not apply to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Some of the most successful careers do not rely on a degree; for example, real estate developers, eCommerce business owners, internet marketers, and consultants.

Reason #3: Most of the skills you need to be successful in life can be learned by direct, hands-on experience - NOT in a classroom taught by a professor who has never actually done the lesson in real life. Plus, thanks to the internet, you can learn almost everything online through e-courses like UDemy, Alison, and countless other learning platforms. No, you won’t get a prestigious piece of paper like when you graduate from college, but at least you’ll have real skills to use right away in the real world.

Reason #4: Anyone with a strong desire to succeed who takes massive action will become successful, regardless of a college degree. This is the real bottom line. If you’re really motivated in life, you’ll find a way to get successful. You’ll learn the required skills, make the connections, and do whatever it takes to get what you want. That’s true for everything in life. As humans, we pursue what we really desire until we get it. Most people really desire a college degree because of the status that comes with it, so they will do anything to graduate and get that degree.

Read "4 Changes You Can Make To Reach Your Full Potential" by multi-millionaire Grant Cardone.

Reason #5: Employers care more about your skills, experience, and work ethic than your degree. Let's face it: employers only really care about how you can enhance and benefit their company. They don't really care about your degree. It's not about you, it's about them. Are you an asset or not? Employees with college degrees get laid off and fired just like employees who never went to college or dropped out. In a day-to-day work environment, nobody cares about your education.

Reason #6: Blindly following a system makes you a sheep, not a winner. Going to college for the sake of going to get a degree, without having any real purpose or plan certainly does not make you better than someone who dropped out or never went to college. It just means you’re doing exactly what society expects of you - falling into a debt trap and then setting yourself up for a lifetime of living in the system. Hopefully you’ll get a decent-paying job within your career field. But wait, even if you don’t, at least you have a degree, so you’re acceptable in society. Now you can feel at ease during holiday dinners with your perspective in-laws and fit into social circles at your 9 to 5 job. That sure doesn’t sound like a winner.

Remember: A degree is nothing more than a TOOL to get you to a certain destination. It’s not a guarantee of success in life. It’s not the single answer to having the life of your dreams. Anyone who tells you that is foolish or a scam artist (or both).

Only YOU can determine whether you’re a loser or winner in life.


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